Research and Development Center

The research unit main centre was at Amsterdam, Netherlands when Ethiopia is introduced with the sugar industry in 1951 by the Dutch Company known as H.V.A. which later on made to be carried out at Wonji. Records show that it was since 1958 that trainings focusing on the science of sugar industry had been given when the above company had started cultivating cane and sugar production at wonji.

It was with the establishment of Sugar Corporation by the proclamation No.192/2010 that the research and training, structured at a division level, has got higher attention so as to accomplish the following tasks. These scopes of responsibilities are:-

  • Conduct problem solving applied research and thereby originate technologies for commercial purpose;
  • Enhancing productivity, boost production and minimize expenditures ;
  • Properly apply research findings on every sugar factory’s cane plantation field and factories so as to improve facilitated production process;
  • Identify problems encountered in the production processes and deliver technical and consultancy service in taking optimization measures;
  • Evaluate the benefits of research findings on the industry as well as their impact on the environment and thereby outline new directions and strategies of research approach;
  • Introduce factories and projects with methods and technologies of sugar production processes as well as with improved sugarcane seeds which give high production, resist disease, have high sugar yield and early maturing varieties and apply them practically,
  • Outline work processes which enable technologies in operation continue with the set standard, select best experiences and apply them;
  • Play a pivotal role in facilitating trainings and thereby support the industry with well trained and productive human resource.

In order to carry out the aforementioned responsibilities more efficiently the Research and Training Division which is located 110 K.M. from the capital at Wonji is reorganized in 2016 as Research and Development Centre. The Center is currently conducting sugar technology researches on all sugar factories and sugar development projects setting up research stations on each of them.