It is a project found in South Omo Zone (Selamago and Gnanegatom Districts), Bench-Maji Zone (Surma and Mieinitshasha Districts) and Keffa Zone (Diecha District) of Southern Nations, Nationalities & Peoples Region at 900 k.m. distance from the capital city.  It is a huge project where four sugar factories are found under different levels of construction. Among the total four one will work with 24,000 TCD and is capable of producing 556,000 tons of sugar and 52,324 meter cube ethanol a year while the rest three will work each with 12,000 TCD and are capable of producing 278,000 tons of sugar and 26,162 meter cube ethanol a year individually. While reaching their maximum crushing capacity, all together will be able to produce 1,339,000 tons of sugar and 130,810 Cubic Meters ethanol  annually.

Furthermore, the factories out of the 415 mega watt electric power which they are expected to produce through cogeneration will contribute 275 mega watts to the nation’s power grid. All sugar factories under construction are expected to enter production during the Second GTP period.

The construction of Omo-Kuraz One Sugar Factory which is being carried out by domestic contractor- Ethiopian Metals and Engineering Corporation is expected to enter production by early 2017. Upon reaching its maximum crushing capacity, it will be a 12,000 TCD factory. The constructions of secondary, tertiary as well as fourth level canals for both Omo-Kuraz One and Two sugar factories have reached their completion which has made 16,141 hectares of land irrigable. And, for Omo Kuraz 1, 2 and 3 Factories 12,903 hectares of land covered with cane. 830 residential houses and 29 service giving blocks are already constructed.

Omo Kurza 2The construction of Omo-Kuraz Two sugar factory which is being carried out by a Chinese Company known as COMPLANT is also closer to entering into production by early 2017. It will have same crushing capacity of the Omo-Kuraz One Sugar Factory.

Same is true, except its entrance time, with Omo-Kuraz Three Sugar Factory which is under construction by the aforementioned Chinese company.

The construction of civil work of Omo-Kuraz Five has already begun signing the contractual agreement with a Chinese Company- JJIEC. Reaching its maximum crushing capacity, it will be a factory with 24,000 TCD.

The project will have a total area of 100,000 hectares of land for its sugarcane cultivation. This wide area of cultivation field will get its water supply from the Omo River through a diversion weir which is under construction with 381 meter width & 22.4 meter height.