Sugar Development Projects with Various Construction Levels

omoSugar Corporation is working vigorously to raise the nation’s current sugar production capacity remarkably so that the nation will greatly benefit from the sector. And, according to the survey conducted at a national level on the water resource & canal development opportunities, it is proved that the country has a potential of more than 500,000 hectares of land suitable for sugarcane plantation. 

The upper & lower areas of Beles River, areas of South-West of Lake Tana called Upper Dinder, areas along Tekezzie River & its tributaries around Welkayit & Humerra, valleys of Anger River - Negiesso, central Genallie River and Barro-Gillo rivers of Gambella are among some of the areas suitable for sugar cane plantation.

Based on the above survey the Corporation is currently building ten new sugar factories, among these Tendaho Sugar Factory, Kessem and Arjo-Didessa sugar factories have entered in to regular production in different months of 2015. The Corporation has undertaken Arjo Didessa Sugar Factory which had been under the ownership of a Pakistan company called Al-Habesha P.L.C since mid of 2012.