• Hargetti Deneba Sugarcane Out Growers Associations Inaugurates Building

k2Kessem Sugar Factroy paid more than 9.6 Million Birr to pastoralist sugarcane out growers of Awash Fentaele District. Hargetti Deneba Sugarcane Out Growers Association PLC  has innagurated its building constructed at a cost of more than six Million Birr.

11 sugarcane outgrowers associations have been organized as sugarcane outgrowers at Kessem Sugar Factory among which five of them which have 397 members have get paid over 6 Million Birr from the Factory. The paid amout is to the sugarcane the associations had deliverd to the factory in 2015/16, it was learnt.

On the occasion Factory General Manager Ato Tegenu Genamo said working hard makes the sugarcane outgrowers fruitful and urged other associations to follow suit. 

Benefiting pastoralists on their part expressed their gratitude to the Factory which has drafted a workable strategy to their financial benefit.

Kessem Sugar Factory has prepared irrigable land as well as seed and given to the pastoralist sugarcane out growers in addition to its persistent professional and technical support, the report sent from Public Relations Office of the Factory has indicated.

In related development, Hargetti Deneba Sugarcane Out Growers Association PLC has inaugurated its building built at a cost of more than six Million Birr on May 20, 2017.

The multi-service building has different facilities such as rooms for offices, meeting hall and general store, the report of the Office has also added. 

Hargetti-Deneba Sugarcane Out Growers Association PLC is growing sugarcane on 800 hectares of land and delivers it to Wonji Shoa Sugar Factory.

During the inauguration ceremony, members of the association with good performance have been awarded with certificates, it is disclosed. 


Untitled 5Bahir Dar University has opened a new campus at Tana-Beles Sugar Development Project as of May 12, 2017.

The University has opened the campus in collaboration with Human Resource Management and Factory Operation Divisions of the Project. According to the report of the Project`s Public Relations Office, the University has enrolled students in extension programs in three disciplines. The move benefits members of the community in need of higher education a great deal, the Office further disclosed.  

During the opening ceremony of the campus, the University`s Technology Faculty Vice Director, Assistant Professor Yonas Mitiku said that the opening of the campus is a good opportunity to the Project staff as well as the local community and underlined for the proper exploitation of the great opportunity. 

He has also said the three departments opened at the Project venue are highly inline with the Project`s current as well as future needs.

The University graduates students with first and second degrees in Computer Science, Automechanics Engineering and Manufactoring Enginerring, it was learnt.

It has also brought more than 30 new computers and set them up at the Project′s Meles Main Campus.

Deputy General Manager of the Project`s Human Resource Division  Ato Henok Belete during the opening ceremony of the Campus has praised the Unversity′s move in opening the campus 250 km away from its location just to benefit the staff of the Project as well as the community around.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Project more than 125 students, lecturerers and adminstration staff have attended the event.

The University`s Technology Faculty has held continuous consultation with the Project`s Human Resource Management and Factory Operation Divisions to creat a forum of  university-industry ties, it was disclosed.

Ethiopian Sugar Corporation Staff Take Training in IFRS

12222Ethiopian Sugar Corporation in collaboration with the College of Business and Economics of Addis Ababa University has organized a capacity building training program on International Financial Report Standards to its staff of finance.  200 employees from existing  and  audit six sugar factories and three sugar development projects including the head office have attended the training in two rounds.

During the opening of the training program, College Dean Dr. Yitibarek Tekle welcomed trainees and thanked the accounting and finance department staff on facilitating such a platform for industry and academic linkage. Ethiopia is currently heading towards a system of capital intensive industries that needs internationally accepted Financial Report, he also stated. He went on to explain that organizing such trainings is vital as IFRS will help employees scale up their attitude to the global Financial Report Standard.

IFRS is originated in the European Union with the intention of making business affairs and accounts accessible across the continent. The idea quickly spread globally as a common language that allowed greater communication worldwide. Although only a portion of the world uses IFRS, participating countries are spreading all over the world rather than being confined to one geographic region. Currently, about 120 countries use IFRS in some way.

Two hundred employees of Sugar Corporation have taken part in the three round IFRS training program held at Addis Ababa University.


  • The day is also celebrated at all Sugar Factories and Sugar Development Projects

g20May 28, the day on which supremacy of nations, nationalities and people of the nation is confirmed, has been celebrated at the Head Office of Sugar Corporation, Sugar Factories and Sugar Development Projects.

During the event held at the Head Office of the Corporation a minute`s silence and candle lighting program led by H.E Ato Endawek Abite, CEO of Sugar Corporation, had taken place in memory of the martyrs.

Speaking on the occasion the CEO said May 28`s victory is the result of the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs.

Ato Abera Mammo, Operation Executive-Assistant presented discussion points under the titles “Characteristics of Ethiopian Federal System, Process and Successes of Building Democratic Unity” and “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a Pioneer of May 28`s Fruits”. Attendants of the event held wide discussion chaired by Ato Melaku Alehegn Executive Officer of Public Participation & Development  of the Corporation.

On a related development the day is also celebrated at all sugar factories and sugar development projects with various activities. 

Message of CEO of Sugar Corporation

ceoAs the sugar industry contributes greatly to our economy, it is, now -a-days,  seeking much more attention. In order to make the sector play a pivotal role in the country`s economy and to equitable benefit of the people of the country, the FDRE Government has driven policy directions to build many more sugar factories  in various regions of the country. Previously they were found only in Wonji Shewa, Metehara and Fincha of Oromiya Region. But, since 2010/2011 “The Sugar Revolution” has included Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples, Amhara, Afar and Tigray regional states including other areas of Oromiya.

Huge industry has always challenges of its own by nature. Moreover, the least developed infrastructures in our country`s lowland regions where almost all of the new  sugar factories are under construction  makes the challenges more than double.

There is also lack of skilled labour and shortage of finance to execute such huge industry. However, encouraging results are registered in building irrigation infrastructures, sugarcane cultivation, factory construction as well as ensuring the benefits of the local community around project areas. Local capacity building effort in the sector is also encouraging.

When we look deep into the sector, it is intermingled with hopeful conditions on one hand and serious challenges on the other. Taking this into account and keeping up the results so far gained we are aiming at scoring fruitful results in the New Ethiopian Year - 2009(2016/2017).

And hence, by the stated period, we have planned to produce about 7 million quintals of sugar to fulfill the local demand. This is going to be achieved by the five sugar factories we already have and two new sugar factories which will start production.

Achieving this goal will help the government to shift the high amount of foreign currency which would have been spent for importing sugar to other development activities. To attain the goal set the existing sugar factories are seriously working on their annual maintenance during this summer season. In addition to this we are making great efforts so as to enable Tendaho and Omo-Kuraz Factory I sugar factories enter into regular production.

And hence; I call on each executive and employee in the sector as well as foreign and domestic stakeholders to show much more commitment than ever to contribute their own part in the achievement of the goal Sugar Corporation has set coming up with the solutions to the challenges we are facing through process.

On this occasion, I wish you all a prosperous 2009|(2016/17) year.

Despite the challenges we face, our success is at hand!

Happy New Year!