Sugar Supply is Getting Resolved

sugar largeShortage of sugar supply faced since mid of last September due to El Niño and La Niña incidences in the past two consecutive years which had hampered sugar production of the country is getting resolved.

In order to solve the problem Sugar Corporation has purchased 700 thousand quintals of sugar from Algeria and Thailand,    which are currently being transported from Port Djibouti as of October 22, 2017 stores of Metehara and Wonji Shoa Sugar factories as well as to warehouses of the Corporation at Adama and Addis Ababa.

Furthermore, Tendaho and Kessem Sugar Factories, among the total eight sugar factories expected to produce around 7 Million quintals of sugar by this Ethiopian budget year, have begun production. And, the expected production will help to satisfy the domestic demand of sugar. The remaining six factories, as scheduled, are expected to begin production as of mid November.

The imported sugar is currently being distributed in Addis Ababa and regions to consumers associations, unions and industries as per their quotas.

Extensive activities are on track this year to fulfill the local demand by domestic supply.