IMG 4681Sugar Corporation is getting ready to export sugar, by-products and diversified products.

Foreign Marketing Executive Officer and Representative of Marketing Division of Sugar Corporation Ato Furo Beketa said the Corporation is in preparation to export sugar, by-products and diversified products in a competitive way. Hence, it is necessary for the Corporation to get ready in terms of logistic, material, labour, and system including product certificate.

According to Ato Furo the Corporation has signed contractual agreement with Ethiopian Standards Agency in 2016/17 so as to enable Wonji Shoa, Metahara, Fincha, Kessem and Arjo-Diddessa sugar factories get product quality certificate-ISO9000.

When it is believed that the factories have proved the desired quality, they will be certified following the audit report of the concerned internationally recognized institutions, Ato Furo further added.

The Corporation is making preparations to promote its products internationally and get its brand registered by Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office. Preparatons are going on to export 100 thousand quintals of sugar, it was learnt.