Untitled 5Bahir Dar University has opened a new campus at Tana-Beles Sugar Development Project as of May 12, 2017.

The University has opened the campus in collaboration with Human Resource Management and Factory Operation Divisions of the Project. According to the report of the Project`s Public Relations Office, the University has enrolled students in extension programs in three disciplines. The move benefits members of the community in need of higher education a great deal, the Office further disclosed.  

During the opening ceremony of the campus, the University`s Technology Faculty Vice Director, Assistant Professor Yonas Mitiku said that the opening of the campus is a good opportunity to the Project staff as well as the local community and underlined for the proper exploitation of the great opportunity. 

He has also said the three departments opened at the Project venue are highly inline with the Project`s current as well as future needs.

The University graduates students with first and second degrees in Computer Science, Automechanics Engineering and Manufactoring Enginerring, it was learnt.

It has also brought more than 30 new computers and set them up at the Project′s Meles Main Campus.

Deputy General Manager of the Project`s Human Resource Division  Ato Henok Belete during the opening ceremony of the Campus has praised the Unversity′s move in opening the campus 250 km away from its location just to benefit the staff of the Project as well as the community around.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Project more than 125 students, lecturerers and adminstration staff have attended the event.

The University`s Technology Faculty has held continuous consultation with the Project`s Human Resource Management and Factory Operation Divisions to creat a forum of  university-industry ties, it was disclosed.