•  Shemit to Jointly Build Ethanol Factory at Wonji Shewa

abrhamNumerous companies, showing interest to invest on various investment opportunities of Ethiopian sugar development sector, are carrying out different activities to work in joint venture with Sugar Corporation.

Shemit, a German Company is engaged in activities to jointly build an Ethanol and other organic chemicals producing factory at Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory with Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.

According to Ato Abraham Demissie, Deputy CEO of Investment and Development of Sugar Corporation 25 companies, submitting their expression of interest following the floating of the international invitation of the Corporation for joint venture, are currently carrying out different activities. 

Accordingly, different companies, having interest to engage in various development activities together with the Corporation, have delivered their expression of interest while some others, holding face to face discussion with the Corporation management, have already started various activities signing MoE with the Corporation, Ato Abraham further explained. Among these some are conducting feasibility as well as other related studies to start operation.

A domestic association- Amibara Agricultural Development Association which has been supplying sugarcane to Kessem Sugar Factory is one among others that has signed MoE with the Corporation to engage itself in running the Factory in joint venture, he has also said.  The U.A.E company- Luta, joining two companies namely Mahaseini and Kenana, is currently conducting studies expressing interest to take part in Tana Beles sugar factory one and two, it was learnt.

The Yemeni company - Sheba Holding, which runs trade activities in Yemen and North Africa, signing MoE to engage itself in joint venture  with Ethiopian Sugar Corporation on Arjo Didessa as well as Tendaho sugar factories, has recruited international and local consultants which are currently carrying out  feasibility studies.

The South African Elovo Company, which has ample experience working in South Africa, Malawi and countries around Southern part of Africa is carrying out a study to work at Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory II in a joint venture modality.

Companies many in numbers from South Africa, India and European countries have also shown interest to take part in sugar development projects of Ethiopia and hence  the Corporation is currently preparing documents and its own expenses which are essential for the negotiation, it was disclosed.

Signing MoE, the Chinese Company- JJIC is making its own study to build Ethanol plant at Omo-Kuraz sugar factories I, III as well as V. Mean while negotiations with interested companies are going on setting up an ethanol plant at Kessem Sugar Factory in a joint venture modality. 

The deputy CEO further noted that as companies, specially the international ones have shown great interest,  a team is set up to maintain the interests of the country, the corporation and its staffs.

Factories such as Ethanol and sugar bi-products processing plants as well as businesses like cattle rearing and processing their products, fruit production and processing at places where the landscape is inconvenient for sugar cane plantation are among the identified areas to investors and companies to work with the Corporation in  joint ventures.