yohanisEthiopian Sugar Academy will  be established by mid 2017, Ato Yohannes Mekuwanint, Research and Development Center Executive Officer of Sugar Corporation has disclosed.

According to him constructions of facilities including buildings for the academy as well as drafting of curriculum is underway. He further said the academy which is expected to fill in the skill gap through technology transfer has made Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory its Venue.

The academy will give courses which focus on agricultural operation and maintenance, factory operation and maintenance as well as their management while teaching modules for the courses are in preparation by expertise of the sugar industry, it is also learnt. Lessons are being taken both from local as well as foreign similar institutions so as to kick off the academy with 13.5 Million Birr initial capital, Ato Yohannes has disclosed.

“When completed” Ato Yohannes further went on saying “ it, in the first phase, will graduate 400 to 600 professionals a year in certificates on four types of courses focusing on sugar industry and relevant sectors”.           

In the long run the academy graduates more than 2000 professionals a year and working in collaboration with universities, will also start graduating students at first, masters and doctorate degree levels, Ato Yohannes further added.