• Efforts Underway to Irrigate 10 Thousand Hectares of Land Using the River

• Construction of Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory III Reached 63%

shmarma1Construction of irrigation infrastructure to use Sharma River for cane cultivation has reached 99%. The completion of the infrastructure makes irrigation of 10 thousand hectares sugarcane field possible and thereby supply cane easly  to Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory III.

Irrigation infrastructure construction jobs at the Project′s own capacity are already completed, according to Ato G/medhin Tifashe, Representative of the Head of Civil and Irrigation Engineering Division as well as Head of Housing & Utility Supply Section of Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory III.

The construction of spillway and culvert works are 100% completed while almost all construction works of dike and canal are completed with remaining minor correction works, he has also added.

 Construction of Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary irrigation structures by Federal Water Works Construction and South Water Works Enterprises are speeding up.

The 41.37 km main canal which is planned to be constructed by the budget year and will be used to grow sugar cane for Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory III is being constructed by Federal Water Works Construction, South Water Works Enterprises as well as the Chinese company - JWHC.

In another development land clearing to plant sugarcane using Sharma River on 8,000 hectares of the total 25,000 hectares sugarcane field the Factory will have is underway Ato Feleke Toma, Farm Operation Deputy General Manager of Omo-Kuraz III Sugar  Development Project has disclosed.

Accordingly, land clearing on 2916 hectares of land, rough leveling on 2146, precision leveling on 653, ripping on 259, plowing on 110 and furrowing on 70 hectares of land are completed till March 24,2017.

sharma2Sharma River has the capacity to irrigate 10,000 hectare of sugarcane field, he further added.

Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project Factory III Factory Operation Deputy General Manager, Colonel Melaku Digafe on his part said factory construction is 63 % complete till March 24, 2017.

On a related development, constructor of the giant Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory V, the Chinese Company- JJIEC General Manager –Senior Engineer Mr. Zhao Ming Wang disclosed that construction materials are being transported to the factory site which will have the capacity of crushing 24 thousand tons of sugar cane a day. According to him it will take three years to complete the construction of the Factory and soil sample has already been sent to China for further laboratory tests.

The company has recently constructed two deep water wells to serve both the local community as well as the Factory itself, it was learnt.