•Volunteers Association Set Up at the Factory

ksEnvironmental Protection Team of Kessem Sugar Factory is carrying out series of activities to protect the surrounding from desertification.

Team Leader of the Factory`s Forestry and Environmental Protection, Ato Taddesse Fekade said more than 25 thousand seedlings have been planted in 2016 at areas around the Factory, offices and residential houses of its staffs as well as residential areas of the local community.

He is hopeful that the planting of the seedlings will make the area more favorable for living. Taking the motto “Hand in hand we will make Kessem Sugar Factory lively” there are series of activities going on to make the area a confortable place, he further went on saying.

On a related development an association of volunteers set up by the communities around the Factory is carrying out various activities, it was learnt. And, the association members visited a center at Awash- Arba which is assisting the elderly and the needy.

The association has a mission of conducting awareness creating activities as well as rendering free services, the report of Public Relations Office of the Factory has finally disclosed.