• Seven Sugarcane Varieties Proved Fruitful

projectVarious works are underway at Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project to plant cereal crops and fruits at 21,000 hectares of land. Seven fruitful sugarcane varieties have also been planted there so far.

Representative of the Head of the Research Development Center at Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory I, Ato Belete Getenet explained, following adaptation job, the expansion works of productive crops and fruits are being carried out at the project which have dual purpose as environment protection means.

Accordingly crops and fruits which have never been tested fruitful in the area before such as Soya Bean, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Wheat, Mango as well as cattle feed are planted while some are at trial and others expansion levels. 

According to him 1,872 seedlings of four Mango varieties, proved of their fruitfulness, have been brought to the Center from Awash-Melkasa Agricultural Research Center and are planted on nine hectares of land. Being adapted at the Project, five varieties of Rice and Maize, three of Wheat, and six varieties of Sorghum, which have never been tested fruitful earlier including Soya Bean, are under expansion while crops of cattle feed are at trial stage, he added. 

On a related development the Project, proving their productivity, is growing seven best quality sugarcane varieties, Ato Belete further disclosed.

Presence of different sugarcane varieties on a sugarcane farm of a certain sugar factory enables the factory to do away with less productivity giving it the chance to replace a variety affected by disease or any other means by another, Ato Belete further explained.

According to the standard of sugar industry a sugar cane farm of any sugar factory must have up to 28 sugarcane seed varieties.