Omo_Kuraz Sugar Factory II Started Trial Production

omoOmo_Kuraz Sugar Factory II, one of the four sugar factories under construction at Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project, has started trial production.

The Factory which has gone through series of trial phases has started crushing sugar cane since March 22, 2017 and come up with sugar yield three days later.

As any sugar factory is not likely to work with its full capacity soon, Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory II is expected to enter into regular production months later following a series of corrective measures.

Accordingly, the factory which has a design capacity of crushing of 12 thousand tons of sugar cane a day, has began production by crushing from 6  to 6 thousand 500 tons of sugar cane. It is expected to start crushing sugarcane with its full gear upon completion of the remaining project works.

The factory construction work of Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory II has officially been started in July 2014 following the agreement signed between Ethiopian Sugar Corporation and the Chinese Company- Complant, factory constructor.

When the Factory operates with its full capacity it is expected to produce 2.5 million quintals of sugar and close to 28 million liters ethanol a year. Out of the total 60 mega watts the Factory is to produce, consuming only 20 mega watts to its own, it is expected to export 40 mega watts of power to the national grid.

In a related development 15 thousand hectares of land  has become irrigable due to works carried out following an agreement signed with South Water Works Construction Enterprise, Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation, the Chinese JWHC Company including the Corporations own capacity. Out of this 13 thousand hectares is covered with sugar cane. Land preparation for further sugarcane plantation is underway.

Construction of houses by South Houses Development Enterprise and the Corporation`s own capacity is in progress at the factory venue.