* CEO of Sugar Corporation to Serve Council of ISO as Deputy Chairman in 2017

london2Ethiopia is nominated to host the International Sugar Organization Summit in 2018. Chief Executive Officer of Sugar Corporation is elected by member countries to serve the Council of the London based organization as Deputy Chairman as of June, 2017.

Known sugar producing countries, investors, researchers of the sector and others were participants of the International Sugar Organization Summit held in London from November 29 to December 2, 2016.

CEO of Sugar Corporation, Ato Endawek Abitie is also to serve the Council as Chairman between July, 2017 and June, 2018 following Ethiopia′s nomination to host the ISO summit in 2018.

The preparation Ethiopia is making to boost its sugar production capacity and thereby join the international market; the proximity of the country to international market as well as the nation′s suitability to sugar production process were topics well explained. A call was also made to investors to take part in the sector either in private or team.

According to the CEO of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, Ato Endawek Abitie who has attended the summit representing Ethiopia, the nomination of the country to host the summit of ISO in 2018 is by itself a great success both as a nation as well as Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.   

During its four-day summit, the International Sugar organization has discussed widely on the obstructions in sugar production; technology inputs and technical assistance required to sugar producers; market opportunities and also market linkage. The Summit has also discussed on ways which would help to fill in the gaps observed.  

As the demand to sugar is escalating as that of coffee and fuel on one hand and the role the sector should play in climate change minimization expanding Ethanol production on the other were the other topics discussed and hence the summit figures out as to what the market relations should be in the future.  

The summit, serving  as a platform where all producers, investors as well as marketers can meet altogether at one hall, has great value to image building as well as conference tourism, Ato Endawek has pointed out. It is a good opportunity to introduce the status of the nation in sugar industry to others; to get foreign market share and attract the participation of foreign as well as domestic investors, he further explained.

The International Sugar Organization plays a pivotal role on the market of sugar at the international level and hence the summit could serve as a platform to create foreign market opportunity to the nation, Ato Endawek elaborated. Ethiopia is currently exerting its relentless effort to satisfy the domestic demand to the product and thereby start exporting it, he finally said.

The International Sugar Organization, an intergovernmental organization having 87 member countries, works in preparing special studies, seminars, conferences, workshops as well as conduct debates with regard to the sector  all to the betterment of the sugar market.