pmm“The endeavor on the ongoing sugar development projects at areas where there were no infrastructures is hopeful” says FDRE Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn.

The Premier while visiting the Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project together with Sugar Corporation leadership on December 18, 2016 says the current status of the projects on the vast lowland area is a source of pride to the nation.

Unless countries like Ethiopia have set over ambitious plans they may not be able to alleviate poverty, he also added. Recalling the implementation problem the sugar development sector had faced, he commends the reliable capacity of the Corporation right now.

In relation with scarcity of cane choppers the sector is facing, he has given directives on making the cane cultivation farms more mechanized.

He also said he is hopeful that Omo-Kuraz1, 2 and 3, Beles 1,Tendaho and Welkayit sugar factories are in good progress when compared with their last year′s status. The government is working to solve the minor problems Tana Beles 2 Sugar Factory has faced, he further disclosed.

Ato Dessie Dalkie, President of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State on his part, while visiting the Project with the FDRE PM, applauded the tremendous progress he has witnessed within a year time especially at Omo Kuraz 3 Sugar Factory construction.

He also said the regional government continues the all rounded support it is giving to the Corporation.

Ato Dessie also credited the improvement of the living conditions of the Region`s youth and pastoralists to Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.

In a related development the Regional Government President appreciated the effort the Research Center of the Corporation is exerting to open up crop varieties which had never been grown in lowland areas.