amenteMinistry of Public Enterprises Minister Dr. Girma Amentie has held discussion on December 2, 2016 with chief executives of Sugar Corporation on issues related with works to be done in the sector hereafter as well as on work procedures to follow suit.

On the occasion, Ato Bezabih Gebreyes, Deputy CEO of Strategic Support Division of Sugar Corporation has presented a paper descriptive of the general picture of the nation’s sugar development sub-sector. Following the presentation a discussion has followed in which the Minister has noted on the need of leading the institution based on transparent work procedures as well as prioritizing works to be done and executing them accordingly.

An industry as big development institution as Sugar Corporation has to give due attention to a result oriented measurement tool which enables to evaluate works properly, he further added emphasizing on the need of evaluating employees according to their performance only and hence letting them stay on their job position or else be seated up the ladders of the structure of the Corporation. 

“It is impossible to register the result expected as well as retain efficient employees for long unless it is possible to create an institution in which employees are only measured upon the result of their performance ”, he further went on saying.

Taking a lesson from past setbacks and successes is necessary to the future development of the sector he also added.  “Hence, the Corporation has to identify its problems and obstacles very fast and craft a remedial strategy and enter into fruitful work”, he further explained.

Noting on the appropriateness of the Corporate Finance Improvement Project of the Corporation, he stresses on the need of concluding it soon.

He finally disclosed the readiness of his Ministry in supporting the Corporation on activities which are beyond the limits of power it is bestowed with.