AMTendaho Sugar Factory, beyond satisfying domestic demand, has significant role in the endeavor of the nation to enter into international market, said Minister of Public Enterprises.

Dr. Girma Amentie, Minister of Public Enterprises, while visiting the Factory together with higher executives of his Ministry said the Factory, beyond satisfying domestic demand, has high strategic significance to export its product as it is closer to Djibouti Port as well as its high production capacity.

Appreciating the status of the Factory and the young professionals and committed leadership it is staffed with, he said that all work activities he has observed during his visit is encouraging and with bright future.

“Though we have faced many obstacles which entail us to high cost due to our stretched plan on the sector as well as our keenness to immediately start entering to the job, it needs to understand that the activities we have so far carried out since then has given us a lesson which is very important to our development endeavor ahead”.

Stressing on the need of commitment to stroll in success accomplishing the remaining works, he has disclosed his Ministry’s readiness in supporting the development effort so as to bring about the desired result in the sector.

Dr. Girma has also pointed out on the need of working together with the people living around the development areas ensuring the development effort to be in tune with the motive of benefitting the locals around. 

 “Working in consultation with the communities has no any other alternative and it is impossible to us to reach at where we aspire to be based on a study cognizant of its culture, life style as well as its interest ” , he finally noted.

Tendaho Sugar Factory is currently in operation recovering from its technical failure it had faced after its trial production in 2014/2015.