ch2Discussion was held at the meeting hall of Sugar Corporation with JJIES and Sino-Sure, a Chinese Contractor and Insurance Company respectively, focusing on fostering the construction of Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory-Five as well as on other relevant issues on November 28, 2016.

Representing Sugar Corporation Ato Abreham Demessie, Deputy CEO of Investment and Development Division has given explanations concerning the activities carried out with regard to Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory-Five in particular and the sugar industry of the nation in general. He has also responded to questions raised from Chinese delegation side.

The contractor on his part disclosed the preliminary jobs which have been carried out since the start are closer to completion and thereafter to enter into factory construction phase. According to the contractor the construction of the sugar factory shall be completed by 2018/19 and start production soon.

Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory-Five, while reaching its maximum capacity, will have a crushing capacity of 24 thousand tons of cane a day.

On the other hand potable water infrastructure constructed by JJIES was inaugurated by the CEO of Sugar Corporation, Ato Endawek Abitie on December 19, 2016. The water well infrastructure constructed to benefit the localities of the area known as Tirga of Nyangatom District of South Omo Zone is one among three water well infrastructures which planned to be constructed for the locals arround, it was learnt.