Chinese Delegation Held Discussion with Sugar Corporation Executives

chDelegation Led by China`s Jangzi State Deputy Administrator held discussion with Sugar Corporation Executives on different issues of cooperation.

On the discussion held at the Corporation the State’s Deputy Administrator Mr. Liyu Changlin said the Chinese government continues to give an all round support to the sugar sector of Ethiopia. The cooperation continues in investment and finance, he also added.

Recalling the Corporation’s strong ties with the Chinese companies which are still working in the nation’s sugar industry, Sugar Corporation CEO Ato Endawek Abite on his part disclosed that five among the total 13 sugar factories and sugar development projects of the nation, which are either in operation or under construction, have been able to be constructed due to the loan secured from Chinese Government and Chinese construction companies.

He further said that Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory V, which has the capacity of crushing 24 tons of sugarcane a day is financed by Jangzi State and its construction is being carried out by one of the State`s companies. Ato Endawek has also expressed his hope on more strengthened cooperation of the State especially in capacity building.

 Noting the favorable conditions of the nation for foreign direct investment and joint venture, he called on other Chinese companies too to come and invest in the sector.