Factories Annual Overhauling Executed with Special Preparation

xczcAnnual summer overhauling of sugar factories had been executed with special preparation in terms of human resource as well as inputs, Factory Operation Division of Sugar Corporation has disclosed. All Sugar Factories which had went through a thorough overhauling work have already begun regular production.

Operations Division Deputy CEO, Ato Weyo Roba explained that the maintenance of the four existing factories including the newly entering sugar factories - Tendaho and Arjo Didessa has been carried out during the preparation period of the 2016/17 budget year with the participation of all stake holders. The overhauling job was successful as it was carried out with enough preparation done ahead, he further explained. The inputs were made available both from foreign as well as domestic supplies, it was learnt.

Ato Weyo further said that the input necessary for the overhauling job had been prepared ahead of time considering existing spare parts in stock and taking into account availability of foreign exchange which makes it special from same previous jobs. Hence, the production in the 2016/17 budget year will continue uninterrupted, he has disclosed.

The Deputy CEO has expressed his gratitude to Board of Directors of the Corporation, Ministry of Public Enterprises and other stake holders for playing a leading role for the successful overhauling of the factories.

Following the completion of the overhauling, Wenji Shewa, Metehara, Fincha, Kessem,  Tendaho and Arjo Didessa sugar factories have begun regular production in november except Arjo Didessa sugar factory which began production in December  The beginning of production of sugar factories is better when compared to previous years, according to Ato Weyo.

In addition to the six sugar factories which had went through a rigorous overhauling work, Omo-Kuraz I and Omo-Kuraz II new sugar factories are expected to start production by 2016/17.

The Corporation has planned to produce about 7 million quintals of sugar to fulfill local sugar demand.