Corporation Signed MOE with Horizon Addis

addisSugar Corporation and Horizon Addis Sc signed a memorandum of understanding for the production of flotation tires which will be used at sugar factories and sugar development projects.

On the signing ceremony held at Sheraton Addis Midroc.Com sister company- Horizon Plantation Sc promised to produce 20 thousand flotation tires a year.

Deputy CEO of Operation Division of Sugar Corporation, Ato Weyo Roba on the occasion said the Corporation is spending a lot of foreign currency for the purchase of different types and expressed his hope that the signing of the MOE helps a lot in saving foreign currency and making the flotation tires accessible domestically. 

General Manager of Horizon Plantation Sc, Ato Akaleweld Admass on his part appreciated the Corporation on showing confidence to the local product. He expresses his conviction on his company’s efficiency in both capital and technology.

Horizon Addis Sc is a partner of the world`s third giant tire provider- Continental German, it was learnt.