Training on Corporate Leadership Delivered

IMG 0536A training program focusing on Corporate Leadership is delivered to higher as well as medium level members of management of Sugar Corporation aiming at  enabling the Corporation fulfill its 2016/17 plan. The training is given in three rounds to the leadership of the head office including the CEO, sugar factories and sugar development projects at The Ethiopian Airlines Compound.

The three-round training given from August to December, 2016 at Ethiopian Air Lines is expected to fill in the gaps of knowledge and skills to tackle the problems the sugar industry is facing and thereby enable it become fruitful.

The practical training is given by The Airlines CEO, Ato Tewelde Gebramariam and other executives. On the occasion the trainees visited different departments of The Air Lines including its maintenance room. The trainees agreed to implement the experience they shared from The Ethiopian Air Lines Staff to their own Corporation.

The three-round training sessions have focused on facility and resource utilization, coping with changing situations, successful corporate leadership, corporate finance, performance management and leadership, it was learnt.