Nations- Nationalities Day Celebrated

* Sugar Factories and Projects Celebrated the Day

IMG 0151Staff of Sugar Corporation celebrated Nations, Nationalities and People`s Day on November 29, 2016 at the Head Office of the Corporation.

The day was marked under the motto “Our Constitution for Our Democratic Unity and Renaissance”.

Speaking on the occasion Ato Bezabih Gebreyes, Guest of Honor, Representative of The CEO as well as Deputy CEO of Strategic Support Division of the Corporation said Ethiopian people have established a federal system that harmonizes diversity and coexistence.

The national federal system built after the downfall of The Dergue Regime has enabled the nation register successful results in all aspects, he further added. “Numerous mega projects have been planned and implemented including the sugar development sector since then”, he went on saying.

 Explaining the problems faced in the first GTP of the sector, he noted on the substantial actions taken which have laid foundation to realize the goal envisaged in the sector. 

On the occasion, Ato Mengistab G/Kidan, Corporate Reform and Capacity Building Advisor of the CEO of the Corporation presented a discussion paper entitled  “Multinational  Nation Building”  on which wide discussions were held.

At the end of the ceremony members of the Corporation staff who won from 1 to 3 ranks in the “Question and Answer Contest” have taken their respective presents from the Guest of Honor, Ato Bezabih Gebreyes.

Likewise, the day has also been celebrated at sugar factories and Sugar development projects with different activities.