Message of CEO of Sugar Corporation

ceoAs the sugar industry contributes greatly to our economy, it is, now -a-days,  seeking much more attention. In order to make the sector play a pivotal role in the country`s economy and to equitable benefit of the people of the country, the FDRE Government has driven policy directions to build many more sugar factories  in various regions of the country. Previously they were found only in Wonji Shewa, Metehara and Fincha of Oromiya Region. But, since 2010/2011 “The Sugar Revolution” has included Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples, Amhara, Afar and Tigray regional states including other areas of Oromiya.

Huge industry has always challenges of its own by nature. Moreover, the least developed infrastructures in our country`s lowland regions where almost all of the new  sugar factories are under construction  makes the challenges more than double.

There is also lack of skilled labour and shortage of finance to execute such huge industry. However, encouraging results are registered in building irrigation infrastructures, sugarcane cultivation, factory construction as well as ensuring the benefits of the local community around project areas. Local capacity building effort in the sector is also encouraging.

When we look deep into the sector, it is intermingled with hopeful conditions on one hand and serious challenges on the other. Taking this into account and keeping up the results so far gained we are aiming at scoring fruitful results in the New Ethiopian Year - 2009(2016/2017).

And hence, by the stated period, we have planned to produce about 7 million quintals of sugar to fulfill the local demand. This is going to be achieved by the five sugar factories we already have and two new sugar factories which will start production.

Achieving this goal will help the government to shift the high amount of foreign currency which would have been spent for importing sugar to other development activities. To attain the goal set the existing sugar factories are seriously working on their annual maintenance during this summer season. In addition to this we are making great efforts so as to enable Tendaho and Omo-Kuraz Factory I sugar factories enter into regular production.

And hence; I call on each executive and employee in the sector as well as foreign and domestic stakeholders to show much more commitment than ever to contribute their own part in the achievement of the goal Sugar Corporation has set coming up with the solutions to the challenges we are facing through process.

On this occasion, I wish you all a prosperous 2009|(2016/17) year.

Despite the challenges we face, our success is at hand!

Happy New Year!