s3Since its inception to its completion every sugar development project benefits residents of the local community who live around it.

Sugar Corporation which was newly set up in 2010 has lots of projects which are benefiting the local community where the projects are being carried out. It has a division responsible to carry out this task. The division, Public Organization Division, has organized thousands of people in many areas of sugar development projects/sugar factories working hand in glove with regional administratives.

The Corporation since the first year of the last G.T.P had made series of discussions with people around sugar factories and sugar development projects. Following the discussions and reaching at consensus it carries out  projects from which the community are benefiting.

A good example for this is the villagization programs which have made pastoralists of Afar and South Omo Zone of S/N/N/P Region cultivate crops owning their own irrigated farm land. The villagization is carried out where pastoralists are found and is done in consultation with the pastoralists themselves, regional administratives, federal government, non-governmental organizations and other stake holders.

Next to setting up the necessary infrastructures and social service institutions comes the willful villagization of pastoralists. The program has helped these pastoralists to do away with their long journey in search of grazing land and water to themselves as well as their cattle.

The Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional Sate is among other regional states in which sugar development projects are underway. Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project is found in this region. 4,142 families (of whom1,630 are female) with 21,609 members are found at this project. Among these 1,962 pastoralists have joined the villagization program at the six newly set up villages out of them 782 are female.

In the past five years seventy three million sixty one Birr is spent by the Corporation at this project only.

s2The other Sugar factory which is benefiting the local community is Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory. The Factory and its sugar cane expansion field have made local community members their centers of interest. The farmers around the sugar cane plantation are organized as sugar cane out growers. 9,455 households are participating as cane outgrowers. Seventy five million birr is spent for social service facilities. 

Similarly houses, social service facilities and infrastructures are built to farmers around Keseme Sugar Factory where they join the villagization program.On the other hand  9,381 households have joined the villagization program at Tendaho Sugar Factory during last G.T.P.  48 social and other infrastructure facilities are set up for them and have already started rendering service.

On the other hand people around the sugar development projects are also benefiting without being displaced from their homes being organized in unions. Both farmers and pastoralists are benefiting from this scheme by becoming cane out growers. Accordingly in the past five years 53 unions of more than 12,101 households have become sugarcane out growers. They have also improved their activities building their capacities. Sugar Corporation has been giving training  to build their capacity. Because of this 15,180 hectares of land is covered with sugar cane by organized unions.

1430 pastoralists in Omo-Kuraz, 1341 in Tendaho and 755 in Kessem as well as 1,222 in Fincha, and 9098 farmers in Wonji-Shoa have become sugar cane out growers.

s1Sugar development projects and sugar factories have also created job opportunities to thousands of compatriots in the past five years. As a result 49,415 people in Omo Kuraz, 50,870 in Tana Beles, 9,522 in Arjo-Diddessa, 27,788 in Fincha,31,689 in Kessem, 36,484 in Wonji, 22,902 in Meta Hara and 46,411people in Tendaho have benefited from job opportunities created.  

In addition to this, job opportunities created to small and micro enterprises are concrete evidences of the benefites of sugar development projects and factories. 649 small and micro enterprises in Beles, Omo Kuraz, Kessem, Arjo-Diddessa, Welkayit, Wenji-Shoa, Meta-Hara, Fincha and Tendaho have surely benefited from the sugar industry sector.