Ethiopia to Host ISO Council Session in June

ISOOEthiopia to host 53rd Council Session of the International Sugar Organization from June 25 to June 28, 2018 at UNECA Conference Center in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian Sugar Corporation is closer to finalizing preparations for the successful completion of the event.

Including those from 87 member countries of the Organization around 150 to 200 foreign participants are expected to attend the conference.

Producers, investors, co producers of the sugar sector as well as researchers are expected to take part on the conference.

The conference is expected to create opportunities to promote the wide investment opportunities Ethiopia has in the sugar sector as well as to transfer technology and to build image.

Ethiopia has been nominated to host the session at the member countries meeting held in London in November 2016.

Skill Upgrading Training Conducted at Sugar Factory

Untitled 1A skill upgrading training is conducted at Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory Number Two. The training is given to members of small and micro enterprises. 

The training given from November 22 to 24, 2017 for 120 trainees from 63 enterprises focused on Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Business Planning and Accounting.

According to Public Relations Office of the Factory the training has jointly been prepared by the Factory and Jinka Technical and Vocational College.

Speaking about the training,  Factory`s Public Organization, Public Relations and Social Affairs Service Head Ato Demelash Aboneh said the training is one manifestation that shows the public benefitting from the factory.

Arjo Diddessa Sugar Factory Awarded Implementing Kaizen

arjjArjo Diddessa Sugar Factory awarded for efficiently implementing primary level Kaizen philosophy in the manufacturing sector.

The Sugar Factory has won the award at national level for implementing multi-dimensional tasks in the Kaizen management philosophy.

In addition to the reward the Factory has won as an institution, a Kaizen Development Team by the name “Yicahlal kelibbu” and a staff member of the Factor have won awards for their best performance.

According to Public Relations Office of the Factory, the team hav got the award for its improved and creative activities, which have played its own part in solving spare part problems of the Factory.

The documentation work of the consecutive discussions the team has carried out which bore fruit in bringing about the desired result has played a decisive role to the team to win the award, it was learnt.

The staff member of the Factory, Ato Lulsegged Tefera, won the award for his outstanding work in generating and implementing problem solving ideas and creative works, the report of the office has noted.

Modification Works Carried Out at Kessem Sugar Factory

Various modification works are carried out at Kessem Sugar Factory during its annual overhauling work which have helped a great deal in solving problems related to cane table of the Factory.

According to member of the team Ato Sisay Kumbi the Factory`s technical team members working in groups, have carried out the mending and modification works on the Factory¢s cane table which have helped the Factory a lot to save time and sugarcane wastage.

The report sent by the Factory`s Public Relations Office has also noted that 

the modification works which greatly minimizes wastage of sugarcane will play its own  role in enabling the Factory produce 793,836 quintals of sugar this budget year.

Sugar Supply is Getting Resolved

sugar largeShortage of sugar supply faced since mid of last September due to El Niño and La Niña incidences in the past two consecutive years which had hampered sugar production of the country is getting resolved.

In order to solve the problem Sugar Corporation has purchased 700 thousand quintals of sugar from Algeria and Thailand,    which are currently being transported from Port Djibouti as of October 22, 2017 stores of Metehara and Wonji Shoa Sugar factories as well as to warehouses of the Corporation at Adama and Addis Ababa.

Furthermore, Tendaho and Kessem Sugar Factories, among the total eight sugar factories expected to produce around 7 Million quintals of sugar by this Ethiopian budget year, have begun production. And, the expected production will help to satisfy the domestic demand of sugar. The remaining six factories, as scheduled, are expected to begin production as of mid November.

The imported sugar is currently being distributed in Addis Ababa and regions to consumers associations, unions and industries as per their quotas.

Extensive activities are on track this year to fulfill the local demand by domestic supply.