•  Shemit to Jointly Build Ethanol Factory at Wonji Shewa

abrhamNumerous companies, showing interest to invest on various investment opportunities of Ethiopian sugar development sector, are carrying out different activities to work in joint venture with Sugar Corporation.

Shemit, a German Company is engaged in activities to jointly build an Ethanol and other organic chemicals producing factory at Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory with Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.

According to Ato Abraham Demissie, Deputy CEO of Investment and Development of Sugar Corporation 25 companies, submitting their expression of interest following the floating of the international invitation of the Corporation for joint venture, are currently carrying out different activities. 

Accordingly, different companies, having interest to engage in various development activities together with the Corporation, have delivered their expression of interest while some others, holding face to face discussion with the Corporation management, have already started various activities signing MoE with the Corporation, Ato Abraham further explained. Among these some are conducting feasibility as well as other related studies to start operation.

A domestic association- Amibara Agricultural Development Association which has been supplying sugarcane to Kessem Sugar Factory is one among others that has signed MoE with the Corporation to engage itself in running the Factory in joint venture, he has also said.  The U.A.E company- Luta, joining two companies namely Mahaseini and Kenana, is currently conducting studies expressing interest to take part in Tana Beles sugar factory one and two, it was learnt.

The Yemeni company - Sheba Holding, which runs trade activities in Yemen and North Africa, signing MoE to engage itself in joint venture  with Ethiopian Sugar Corporation on Arjo Didessa as well as Tendaho sugar factories, has recruited international and local consultants which are currently carrying out  feasibility studies.

The South African Elovo Company, which has ample experience working in South Africa, Malawi and countries around Southern part of Africa is carrying out a study to work at Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory II in a joint venture modality.

Companies many in numbers from South Africa, India and European countries have also shown interest to take part in sugar development projects of Ethiopia and hence  the Corporation is currently preparing documents and its own expenses which are essential for the negotiation, it was disclosed.

Signing MoE, the Chinese Company- JJIC is making its own study to build Ethanol plant at Omo-Kuraz sugar factories I, III as well as V. Mean while negotiations with interested companies are going on setting up an ethanol plant at Kessem Sugar Factory in a joint venture modality. 

The deputy CEO further noted that as companies, specially the international ones have shown great interest,  a team is set up to maintain the interests of the country, the corporation and its staffs.

Factories such as Ethanol and sugar bi-products processing plants as well as businesses like cattle rearing and processing their products, fruit production and processing at places where the landscape is inconvenient for sugar cane plantation are among the identified areas to investors and companies to work with the Corporation in  joint ventures. 


yohanisEthiopian Sugar Academy will  be established by mid 2017, Ato Yohannes Mekuwanint, Research and Development Center Executive Officer of Sugar Corporation has disclosed.

According to him constructions of facilities including buildings for the academy as well as drafting of curriculum is underway. He further said the academy which is expected to fill in the skill gap through technology transfer has made Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory its Venue.

The academy will give courses which focus on agricultural operation and maintenance, factory operation and maintenance as well as their management while teaching modules for the courses are in preparation by expertise of the sugar industry, it is also learnt. Lessons are being taken both from local as well as foreign similar institutions so as to kick off the academy with 13.5 Million Birr initial capital, Ato Yohannes has disclosed.

“When completed” Ato Yohannes further went on saying “ it, in the first phase, will graduate 400 to 600 professionals a year in certificates on four types of courses focusing on sugar industry and relevant sectors”.           

In the long run the academy graduates more than 2000 professionals a year and working in collaboration with universities, will also start graduating students at first, masters and doctorate degree levels, Ato Yohannes further added. 


•Volunteers Association Set Up at the Factory

ksEnvironmental Protection Team of Kessem Sugar Factory is carrying out series of activities to protect the surrounding from desertification.

Team Leader of the Factory`s Forestry and Environmental Protection, Ato Taddesse Fekade said more than 25 thousand seedlings have been planted in 2016 at areas around the Factory, offices and residential houses of its staffs as well as residential areas of the local community.

He is hopeful that the planting of the seedlings will make the area more favorable for living. Taking the motto “Hand in hand we will make Kessem Sugar Factory lively” there are series of activities going on to make the area a confortable place, he further went on saying.

On a related development an association of volunteers set up by the communities around the Factory is carrying out various activities, it was learnt. And, the association members visited a center at Awash- Arba which is assisting the elderly and the needy.

The association has a mission of conducting awareness creating activities as well as rendering free services, the report of Public Relations Office of the Factory has finally disclosed. 


• Efforts Underway to Irrigate 10 Thousand Hectares of Land Using the River

• Construction of Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory III Reached 63%

shmarma1Construction of irrigation infrastructure to use Sharma River for cane cultivation has reached 99%. The completion of the infrastructure makes irrigation of 10 thousand hectares sugarcane field possible and thereby supply cane easly  to Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory III.

Irrigation infrastructure construction jobs at the Project′s own capacity are already completed, according to Ato G/medhin Tifashe, Representative of the Head of Civil and Irrigation Engineering Division as well as Head of Housing & Utility Supply Section of Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory III.

The construction of spillway and culvert works are 100% completed while almost all construction works of dike and canal are completed with remaining minor correction works, he has also added.

 Construction of Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary irrigation structures by Federal Water Works Construction and South Water Works Enterprises are speeding up.

The 41.37 km main canal which is planned to be constructed by the budget year and will be used to grow sugar cane for Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory III is being constructed by Federal Water Works Construction, South Water Works Enterprises as well as the Chinese company - JWHC.

In another development land clearing to plant sugarcane using Sharma River on 8,000 hectares of the total 25,000 hectares sugarcane field the Factory will have is underway Ato Feleke Toma, Farm Operation Deputy General Manager of Omo-Kuraz III Sugar  Development Project has disclosed.

Accordingly, land clearing on 2916 hectares of land, rough leveling on 2146, precision leveling on 653, ripping on 259, plowing on 110 and furrowing on 70 hectares of land are completed till March 24,2017.

sharma2Sharma River has the capacity to irrigate 10,000 hectare of sugarcane field, he further added.

Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project Factory III Factory Operation Deputy General Manager, Colonel Melaku Digafe on his part said factory construction is 63 % complete till March 24, 2017.

On a related development, constructor of the giant Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory V, the Chinese Company- JJIEC General Manager –Senior Engineer Mr. Zhao Ming Wang disclosed that construction materials are being transported to the factory site which will have the capacity of crushing 24 thousand tons of sugar cane a day. According to him it will take three years to complete the construction of the Factory and soil sample has already been sent to China for further laboratory tests.

The company has recently constructed two deep water wells to serve both the local community as well as the Factory itself, it was learnt.


• Seven Sugarcane Varieties Proved Fruitful

projectVarious works are underway at Omo-Kuraz Sugar Development Project to plant cereal crops and fruits at 21,000 hectares of land. Seven fruitful sugarcane varieties have also been planted there so far.

Representative of the Head of the Research Development Center at Omo-Kuraz Sugar Factory I, Ato Belete Getenet explained, following adaptation job, the expansion works of productive crops and fruits are being carried out at the project which have dual purpose as environment protection means.

Accordingly crops and fruits which have never been tested fruitful in the area before such as Soya Bean, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Wheat, Mango as well as cattle feed are planted while some are at trial and others expansion levels. 

According to him 1,872 seedlings of four Mango varieties, proved of their fruitfulness, have been brought to the Center from Awash-Melkasa Agricultural Research Center and are planted on nine hectares of land. Being adapted at the Project, five varieties of Rice and Maize, three of Wheat, and six varieties of Sorghum, which have never been tested fruitful earlier including Soya Bean, are under expansion while crops of cattle feed are at trial stage, he added. 

On a related development the Project, proving their productivity, is growing seven best quality sugarcane varieties, Ato Belete further disclosed.

Presence of different sugarcane varieties on a sugarcane farm of a certain sugar factory enables the factory to do away with less productivity giving it the chance to replace a variety affected by disease or any other means by another, Ato Belete further explained.

According to the standard of sugar industry a sugar cane farm of any sugar factory must have up to 28 sugarcane seed varieties.