Vision, Mission & Values


Creating modern technology and capable human resource so as to develop the nation’s potential to the sector, produce sugar, sugar bi-products and co-products and take remarkable foreign market share and support the nation’s economy beyond satisfying domestic demand.

Vision :

Stand as  one among ten leading countries of the world in sugar industry in 2023 based on a sustainable growth.

Core Values

  • Sustainable change and competitiveness;
  • Virtuous work ethics;
  • Productivity is crucial to our existence;
  • Popularity is our typical feature;
  • We never stop learning;
  • We encourage creativity and best performance;
  • Working in team spirit is our unique feature;
  • Environment protection is fundamental to our development;
  • Development of human resource is vital to our success.

Purposes of Establishment of Sugar Corporation

  • To grow sugarcane and other sugar yielding crops;
  • To process and produce sugar, sugar products, sugar by-products and products of sugar by- products;
  • To sell its products and by-products in the domestic and export markets;
  • To cause the undertaking of feasibility studies, design preparation, technology selection and negotiation, erection and commissioning of new sugar development and expansion projects;
  • In cooperation with the relevant organs undertake studies and research in the field of sugar cane plantation and sugar production technologies and implement useful results thereof;
  • In cooperation with capable domestic enterprises, to cause the designing and fabrication of machineries and spare parts required by public sugar factories;
  • To posses, in accordance with the law, and develop lands required for its operations;
  • To encourage and support sugar cane out growers who are supplying their cane products to public Sugar factories;