To grow sugarcane and other sugar yielding crops;

To process and produce sugar, sugar products, sugar by-products and products of sugar by- products;

To sell its products and by-products in the domestic and export markets;

To cause the undertaking of feasibility studies, design preparation, technology selection and    negotiation, erection and commissioning of new sugar development and expansion projects;

In cooperation with the relevant organs undertake studies and research in the field of sugar  cane plantation and sugar production technologies and implement useful results thereof;

In cooperation with capable domestic enterprises, to cause the designing and fabrication of machineries and spare parts required by public sugar factories;

 To posses, in accordance with the law, and develop lands required for its operations;



To encourage and support sugar cane growers who are supplying their cane products to public Sugar factories;


To cooperate with the concerned educational institutions in producing the required type, number and quality of trained manpower for the sugar industry;


In line with directives and policy guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, to sell and pledge bonds and to negotiate and sign loan agreements with local and international financial sources;


To engage in any other related activities necessary for the attainment of its purposes.


Therefore, to accomplish the aforementioned purposes, the corporation has carried out expansion projects on the existing sugar factories while it is constructing ten new sugar factories at different regions of the country. Accordingly, the corporation, besides finalizing the two-phaseed project of Tendaho Sugar Development project and facilitating the entrance of Arjo Didessa Sugar Factory into regular operation, is building five new sugar factories at Southern Nations Nationalities & Peoples Region; three at Amhara Regional State; one at Tigray Regional State and a factory at Afar Regional State (Kessem) with 175,000 ; 75,000 ; 50,000 and 20,000 hectares of sugarcane plantation field respectively.


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Published: 30 January 2015